Rod Ends & Spherical Bearings

Raceparts USA stock and distribute the finest Rod Ends and Spherical Bearings, with products suitable for all kinds of motorsport vehicle. We're official NMB Minebea and FK Rod Ends distributors and with these two main brands, rest assured, we can offer you the correct bearings, along with all the best hardware, for a professional installation.

Call us during work hours on: +1 770-889-0499 or send us a message HERE if you need any help choosing the perfect components for your car.

Used by top race and rally teams around the globe, including Formula 1, Formula 2, Formula 3, Formula Ford, WTC, BTCC, Indycar, Indy Lights, Nascar, Trophy Trucks, Autograss, WRC, ERC, and so many more. Fit the best, longest service life, higest levels of reliability and safety, next level products! We specialize in these vital motorsport suspension components and keep stock of many sizes and types.

Fitting the finest components available is expensive, but over the longer term they will last longer and need changing less often, so the savings in time alone will make you savings. You'll also have a car that performs more reliably, which will result in better lap times and more repeatable performances. There's also savings in tire wear and a heim or spherical with excessive play will also cause other components to wear our faster, with loads shifting, causing other premature failures!