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Staubli SPH08 Aluminum Sockets

Staubli SPH08 Aluminum Sockets
 Seals: FPM (oil / fuel / water),  Color: YellowSeals: FPM (oil / fuel / water),  Color: Red 
Price:  $382.80(Exc. 7% Sales Tax - GA only)

Part Number:  SPH081655/BA/L/KJ/JV


Staubli SPH08 Aluminium Sockets with a 8mm flow diameter (3mm, 5mm,12mm and 16mm also available). Non-spill quick release couplings with bayonet locking for motorsports SPH/BA. These completely non-spill SPH/BA couplings give you a guaranteed seal on connection and disconnection. Air does not penetrate, and there is no need to bleed the circuits. These couplings are designed for the most demanding on-board applications, combining resistance, with bayonet locking, compactness and lightness. Applications include automotive and motorcycle high pressure hydraulic circuits, cooling of engine oil and water, fuel line connections.

Technical Specifications:
  • Bore Diameter: 8mm
  • Maximum Working Pressure: 350 bar
  • Operating Temperatures: -20 to +200C

  • Fluids:
  • Brake fluids, oils, mineral greases, nitrogen, gasoline, etc.

  • Construction:
  • Manufactured in high-resistance aluminum, with FPM seals and finished in red or yellow in the aluminium for ease of identification.