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Racetech Speedometer Sensor Probe

Racetech Speedometer Sensor Probe
Price:  $81.66(Exc. 7% Sales Tax - GA only)

Part Number:  SS34-1



Incoming, 7-10 days


Racetech Speedometer Sensor Probe, designed for use with Racetech's 80mm electronic speedometer with digital odometer. These sensors are mounted on a wheel hub or adjacent to a propshaft or fixed driveshaft and when assembled, simply senses the revolutions. Full installations instructions are included, with procedures for setting up and calibrating your new the speedometer.

Priced Each

  • Used in Conjunction with a Racetech 80mm Speedometer
  • Requires Mounting in a Suitable Location, Instructions Included
  • Quality Magnetic Sensor Probe, Ensures Accurate Speed Readings