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6 Point Metric K-Nuts Natural

6 Point Metric K-Nuts Natural
Price:  $1.44(Exc. 8% Sales Tax - GA only)

Part Number:  NOR2104134X.7


Lightweight metric threaded K-Nuts. Suitable for all types motorsport application, as supplied to most Formula One teams and used around the world in aerospace and military applications Sizes available from M3 through to M14, with different thread pitches available in various sizes.

Priced Each

  • Ideal for Lightweight Motorsport Applications
  • For the Ultimate in Race and Rally Preparation
  • Used in F1, NASCAR, Road Sports, Light Aircraft
Mil SpecThread SizeSpanner Size
NOR2104133X.5M3 x 0.504mm
NOR2104134X.7M4 x 0.705mm
NOR2104135X.8M5 x 0.806mm
NOR2104136X1M6 x 1.007mm
NOR2104137X1M7 x 1.008mm
NOR2104138X1M8 x 1.0010mm
NOR2104138X1.25M8 x 1.2510mm
NOR21041310X1M10 x 1.0012mm
NOR21041310X1.25M10 x 1.2512mm
NOR21041310X1.5M10 x 1.5012mm
NOR21041312X1.25M12 x 1.2514mm
NOR21041312X1.5M12 x 1.5014mm
NOR21041312X1.75M12 x 1.7514mm
NOR21041314X1.5M14 x 1.5016mm
 "WARNING: This product contains a chemical known to the State of California to cause cancer and/or birth defects or other reproductive harm.