Braille Advanced AGM Batteries

Braille's Advanced AGM batteries are the highest cranking power 'Absorbed Glass Matt' lead batteries available. Featuring 'All Season' reliability, stainless steel terminals, environmentally sourced recycled materials, even a carbon-cased model designed for extreme heat and vibration protection.

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Batteries have always presented the same problems of weight, safety, and cost. In racing, aerospace, and advanced technology industries, weight and safety present the two biggest challenges. Braille Battery’s solution is developing lighter, more powerful batteries to suit the needs of these markets. Braille Battery’s Advanced AGM batteries have allowed for more power, safer design and less overall weight than the batteries they replace, as the performance leader in the 12-volt sealed AGM (lead-acid) marketplace.

  • Patented 'Sealed Valve Regulated' design completely eliminates acid spills and corrosion on terminals
  • Dual Terminals allow battery to be mounted in a variety of positions, vertically or horizontally, also removable
  • Patent pending high quality brass SAE terminals designed to distribute the electrical load into and out of the battery
  • Stainless steel terminals allow higher bolt torque and help keep your battery connected even in high vibration environments
  • Every Braille Battery is tested and performance certified before shipping, environmentally safe, no filling or maintenance
  • Green Friendly manufacturing process with the highest concern for the environment and product quality
  • Recycled lead, plastic and stainless steel components ensure we’ll have a future to race towards