Racing Brake Fluid - For Race Car Use

Raceparts USA stock and offer a number of the best racing brake fluid options on the market, Castol SRF is the best in the world, so of course we've got a whole lot of it on the shelf! But we have other high quality, high performance options for those requiring more affordable alternatives that will meet and exceed your requirements.

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Racing brake fluids are upgraded hydraulic fluids for your braking system. During a simple braking operation, your car's brake fluid is put under pressure when you push the brake pedal, the fluid in turn pushes the pads, via the pistons in your brake calipers, into contact with the brake discs and the friction caused slows the vehicle down!

In a racing car out on the track, this simple operation, is performed thousands of times during an event and the forces placed on the fluid is much greater. The fluid becomes much hotter, due to the friction within the brake lines, some of which pass through hot under hood areas, the fluid is in contact with multiple caliper pistons, which are in turn in contact with the back of your brake pads and the temperatures keep rising!

If the brake fluid becomes to hot, it will boil! This will cause the pedal to become spongy and eventually the inability to stop the vehicle and in effect your brakes will fail! In most cases the use of one of our racing brake fluids will ensure this doesn't happen to you, but if you have poorly matched products, then even the highest spec fluids may still not overcome the temperatures being created. However in most cases, all the fluids we list will offer you enough capacity, but it's always best to over specify if you can afford it.