FK Bearings

Raceparts USA are delighted to be a distributor for the hugely popular range of rod ends and spherical bearings from FK Bearings from the USA. A brand that prides itself in producing cost effective components that offer a combination of durability at more affordable prices.

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They feature heat treated, plated alloy steel housings, these self lubricating bronze or PTFE linings, perfect for entry level and clubman competitors looking for durable, yet economical rod ends and spherical bearings for their cars. Available in a wide range of bore sizes, with equal or unequal threads, right and left handed thread-forms and male or female options for most automotive requirements.

FK Bearings are a World-Class, leading USA manufacturer of rod ends, spherical bearings, custom-engineered bearings and related products. They were established in 1983 and bring over 35 years of experience to the industrial and performance racing and off-road markets. We only offer a fraction of the components they produce, so please get in touch if there are products you'd like us to add to our online catalogue.