Silicone Hoses - for Automotive Use

We have a superb range of the highest quality silicone hoses manufactured for us at Raceparts USA by the British manufacturer SFS, one of the two most respected silicone manufacturers in the world. These offer the ultimate reliability and our classic wrapped look hoses are manufactured in exactly the same way, but look period and not out of place on your classic or historic racecar.

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High performance silicone hoses have been developed over the last 20 years and today's hoses really are a highly recommended fitment on high performance and motorsport vehicles. Highly tuned race engines are even more reliant on cooling and lubrication components, often putting more stress on them, whether it's with higher cooling system pressure levels or increased oil temperatures, the hoses carry fluids that are vital for the health of your power and drive systems. Our ranges of hoses ensure total reliability and with the wide variety of shapes and sizes we offer, you should be able overcome almost all requirements and do so safely and securely with our accompanying ancillary products. For assistance with cooling hoses and accessories, please Contact Us to discuss your requirements.