Shipping Guidelines

If you have arrived on this page from your 'Shopping Cart' page, here's some information that should help clarify:

RAS Charges
These are 'Remote Area Service' charges made by carriers for delivery locations that are 'Remote'. We will ask for an additional payment to cover these costs after you have placed an order - you will of course be able to refuse and of course we will cancel and refund your order in full if you prefer, it's not a problem at all!

Tax / Duty
These are local costs due to be paid by you, in your country, 'Import Tax' and 'Duty' or VAT may be due depending on the type of goods ordered and the value of the items, perhaps investigate these costs in your country prior to ordering. These charges will be detailed and requested from you by UPS, upon payment, your shipment will be delivered.

Many fluids and most Lithium batteries are not able to be shipped by air. Due to some lack of capability within our software, restricting you from adding these things to your cart is currently awkward, so some orders might have to be cancelled by us and fully refunded to you! We will investigate alternative shipping methods and contact you as required.

If these details have helped to reassure you of what are in effect, usual shipping issues / conditions and you're happy to go ahead and place your order, please CLICK HERE to go back to your Shopping Cart, thanks for looking!

General Shipping Notes

We are shipping goods Worldwide every day, from the US and or from our UK headquarters depending on stock and customer location. To avoid issues with other shippers and or the Post Office, we use UPS and have found them to be the most reliable, with their Ground and Expedited Services reasonably cost effective.

If you need something in a desperate hurry, please contact us to see if we can meet your deadlines! Our system has been setup to try to accomodate a wide range of products, weights and sizes, we will tweak it and try to ensure it's as fairly priced as possible.

If you feel a shipping charge is unreasonably high, please create an account and leave the items in your basket, this will enable us to login and see your basket and make any changes if we are able to, and then make it ready for your to log back in and proceed with your order, should you decide to do so!

The reverse side to this is that once in a while the system might price shipping unusually low and we reserve the right to contact you to advise that we are unable to ship at the stated price. You are of course not obliged to continue with the order, we can always cancel and refund you should you wish it.

For any other information regarding shipping please Contact Us fill out the message form and fire it over and we'll get back to you. If you'd rather buy online and come in to the store to pick up, just choose the 'Store Collection' option in the shipping options list during checkout.