indi Seat 70 Liter Seat Kit

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The indi Seat 70 litre professional seat molding kit. These indi Seat Racing bead seat kits offer superb protection and comfort. Molded to the drivers body, indi Seats offer a greater level of protection in the event of an incident.

These indi Seats are available in a variety of different sizes, with the smaller kit sizes typically more suitable for big drivers in small cockpits and the larger sizes suited to small drivers in big cockpits, although that's not always the case!

The materials used in the latest indi Seat kits have been extensively tested in the FIA laboratories, to ensure they meet the correct requirements for motorsport use. indi Seats are used in all categories of motorsport including F1, GP2, GT, BTCC, WTCC, LMP, Radicals, Caterhams and many more.

Kits are available in a range of capacities, with this the 70 liter kit, used as a stand alone seat in open cockpits vehicles like Caterhams, Radicals, Sports 2000, also for smaller drivers in Formula Renault, F3, IRL, Indy Lights and Super Formula.

This kit used the same 1100 x 1500mm bag size, but due to the sheer volume of beads and resin used in the 70L kit, a slower curing resin is utilized.

  • Create a perfectly molded seat liner for your car
  • As used by professional racing teams around the world
  • Initial preparation / molding process in under 1hr
  • The resin used in these kits isn't temperature sensitive, it will cure perfectly at any temperture. Once activated in the vacuum casting bag, you have a window for seating and moving into the optimum position, with the resultant foam insert being ready to trim within around 35 mins (longer for the 70 liter kit).

    Kit Contents

    Kit Conents

  • Vacuum Casting Bag with Filter and On/Off Valve
  • Impact Absorption Beads (quantity based on kit size)
  • Resin and Hardener (coloured dye to assist mixing)
  • Measuring Jug, Funnel, Vacuum Hose, Measuring Stick
  • Comprehensive Instruction Manual

  • P65 Warning
     "WARNING: This product contains a chemical known to the State of California to cause cancer and/or birth defects or other reproductive harm.