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Neo Synthetic Power Steering Fluid

Neo Synthetic Power Steering Fluid
Price:  $15.99(Exc. 8% Sales Tax - GA only)

Part Number:  NEOPSFQ


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No stock, delayed despatch

NEO Synthetics

NEO Synthetic Power Steering Fluid is a premium formulation of high quality synthetic base oil and premium additives. It provides optimum protection in all power steering systems for North American, European and Asian OEMS. Supplied in 1 Quart bottles.


  • Protects power steering system against wear
  • Provides controlled seal swellings
  • Resists foaming, oxidation, corrosion and rusting
  • Product meets/exceeds requirements of the GM Saginaw specification
  • Product meets the level performance requirements of:

  • GM Saginaw Power steering
  • Chrysler MS 1872 / MS 5931F
  • Ford M2C138-CJ / M2C33-F / M2C128-C and D
  • Acura / Honda PN 08206-9002 PE
  • Mercedes Benz PN 00 989 8803
  • Saab PN 30 09 800
  • Subaru PN K0Z09A0080
  • Typical Properties (Test Result)

  • Appearance Bright and Clear
  • Gravity, Degree API 31.0
  • Color (ASTM D 1500) 1.0
  • Viscosity

  • cst at 100C 6.5
  • Brookfield vis at 40C, cps 50,000
  • Viscosity Index 155
  • Flash Point 220C
  • Pour Point 45C
  • Zn percent, wt 0.0075
  • Rust Test Pass
  • Cu, Corrosion Test Pass
  • Foam, Seq. I/II/III Pass

  •  "WARNING: This product contains a chemical known to the State of California to cause cancer and/or birth defects or other reproductive harm.