Revotec 2-Step Air Hose Reducers

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60mm > 50mm
63mm > 50mm
63mm > 60mm
70mm > 50mm
70mm > 60mm
70mm > 63mm
76mm > 50mm
76mm > 60mm
76mm > 63mm
76mm > 70mm
80mm > 70mm
89mm > 70mm
89mm > 76mm
89mm > 80mm
102mm > 76mm
102mm > 89mm
114mm > 89mm
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Revotec 2 Step Air Hose Reducers. Useful range of aluminium reducers, designed for connecting air systems including ducting, filters and intercoolers. High quality aluminum, can be welded or just used between two flexible hoses, each reducer has a wall thickness of 1.3mm and measures 80mm in length with flange lengths of 30mm each end.

Available in 17 reduction sizes, precision machined in spun aluminum for maximum air flow and can when utilized correctly, can be used to increase gas speed to aid evacuation.

Priced Each

  • Machined in Spun Aluminum for Maximum Airflow
  • Used to Further Improve Exiting Air Volume Efficiency
  • Available in 17 Useful Sizes to suit Air Ducting Hose
P65 Warning
 "WARNING: This product contains a chemical known to the State of California to cause cancer and/or birth defects or other reproductive harm.