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Revotec Two Piece NACA Ducts

Revotec Two Piece NACA Ducts
Price:  $67.15(Exc. 7% Sales Tax - GA only)

Part Number:  NACA-1C


Revotec classic 2 piece NACA ducts, with a rear ducting coupler to produce an extremely efficient intake which produces as little parasitic drag as possible. The Revotec NACA Duct is the only one of it's type to use NACA geometry and when properly installed, it allows air to be drawn into an internal duct at up to 90% efficiency, ideal for cold air induction or for cooling brakes, engine components or drivers. Available in a durable clear or black ABS plastic.

Priced Each

  • 2 Piece Design Manufactured in ABS Plastic
  • Requires Body Cut Out, Fitting and Assembly
  • Faithfully Made to Original NACA Dimensions