SPA 200C Temperature Sensors

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upto 200C
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SPA Design 200C temperature sensors, direct replacement parts, as supplied in many of SPA's dual electronic temperature gauges, for most water or oil temperature gauges. We do have the old model sensor listed as well as the latest version, which has been supplied in all new kits from mid 2022.

The original SPA gauges need to use the older design sensor due to different connections, oh and by the way, here's the most asked questions we receive, with answers to help guide you!

Q: Which TSU110 sensor type do I need as a replacement?

A: Both are compatible with the DG200 Gauges, the latest type being 'thermistor type', so the menu in the gauge needs to be set for 'THR', this will allow the new type sensor to work with an older gauge.

Additional info
'The Latest/ Current Gauges' The later type sensors have a yellow sleeve on the wire where it enters the sender and uses only 2 terminals in the connector.

'The Original / Previous Gauges' The earlier type sensors have a black sleeve on the wire where it enters the sender and uses 3 terminals in the connector.

Hopefully that helps you all, please get in touch if you still feel the need!


  • Genuine SPA replacement temperature sensors, rated for use upto 200C
  • Supplied in almost all SPA Dual gauge kits displaying oil or water temps
  • Highly accurate, brass bodied construction with an 1/8NPT male thread
P65 Warning
 "WARNING: This product contains a chemical known to the State of California to cause cancer and/or birth defects or other reproductive harm.