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Staubli Air Jack Lances

Staubli Air Jack Lances
Price:  $586.40(Exc. 7% Sales Tax - GA only)

Part Number:  JAC06.1102



Incoming, 7-10 days


Staubliís high performance air jack system lances. Very easy to connect, even with 40 bar of pressure and ensures the effectiveness of interventions especially during the race. Light and compact, the plug is completely integrated on the vehicle. Designed to lift the car with the least effort, the Staubli air jack solution offers quick operation and optimum safety while lifting and lowering cars. Two versions are available with either fixed or swivel mounting.

Technical Specifications:
  • Connection Force (N): 80
  • Maximum Allowable Pressure*: 40 bar (580psi)

  • Fluids:
  • Compressed Air
  • Nitrogen

  • Construction:
  • Plug: Aluminum
  • Socket: Aluminum / stainless steel with polyurethane protector