Thermo-Tec Cool-It Thermo-Guard FR

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24" x 48" one sided
48" x 72" one sided
48" x 72" two sided
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Cool-It Thermo Guard FR from Thermo-Tec offers the best in heat and sound insulation. This lightweight, durable shield does everything, it reduces sound, absorbs vibration, protects from radiant heat up to 2000F and provides an extra layer of insulating padding. This product features 100% synthetic fiber felt that provides sound and comfort control and a high-tech foil heat barrier that blocks more than 90% of radiant heat. Being only 1/4" thick, Thermo Guard FR provides a very high level of performance with minimal thickness. Thermo Guard FR is very easy to apply, it can be trimmed to fit anywhere. Great for use in trucks, RVs, buses, cars, aircraft and homes. Available in two sizes with one or two foil sides. May be applied with Thermo-Tec's Heavy Duty Spray Adhesive for a long lasting install.

Suitable in Cars, Trucks, RV's and more...

  • Fitted Against Bulkheads and Floorpans
  • Reduces Excessive Heat and Noise Transfer
  • ABle to Reflect Radiant Heat up to 2000F
P65 Warning
 "WARNING: This product contains a chemical known to the State of California to cause cancer and/or birth defects or other reproductive harm.