Tilton 78-Series Master Cylinders

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0.625" / 15.87mm (5/8") ID
0.700" / 17.78mm (7/10") ID
0.750" / 19.05mm (3/4") ID
0.812" / 20.63mm (13/16") ID
0.875" / 22.22mm (7/8") ID
0.937" / 23.81mm (15/16") ID
1.000" / 25.40mm (1") ID
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Tilton 78-Series alloy hydraulic master cylinders offer the latest in racing master cylinder technology in a very lightweight and compact design. The rear spherical bearing mount and one-piece piston/pushrod eliminate side thrust into the master cylinder bore, providing consistent and repeatable braking.

They feature a billet aluminum body with proprietary low friction coatings to minimize wear and provide a smooth operation, with a rear spherical bearing mount and one piece piston/pushrod, which eliminates side thrust into the master cylinder bore.

Note: Flexible lines must be used for inlet and outlet port plumbing

  • Spherical bearing rear pivot with circlips
  • Fits Tilton 800 and 900 Series pedal assemblies
  • AN3 outlet port and a larger AN6 inlet port
  • Bare cylinder weight approximately 180g
  • The 78 series cylinders are hand built and blueprinted for cut-off port travel, with an O'ring seal at the main rod guide and body interface, as well as an external dust boot included. They feature and AN3 outlet port and AN6 inlet port, offer 1.1 of stroke and are directly interchangeable with 77-Series master cylinders, yet with a 40% lower price than 77-Series master cylinders they replace.

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