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WOSP LMS632 High Output Race Starter Motor

WOSP LMS632 High Output Race Starter Motor
Price:  $393.25(Exc. 8% Sales Tax - GA only)

Part Number:  LMS632-2
Make / Type:  Hitachi PMGR
Motor Weight:  3.0Kg / 6.6lbs
Car Voltage:  12 volts
Polarity -/+ve:  Negative
Power Rating:  1.4kW
Rotation:  CW

Wosp Performance


WOSP Performance, LMS632 high output, lightweight 'slimline' gear reduction starter motor, with 2 and 3 bolt fixing versions available. These high performance starter motors have been engineered for use in hostile or bespoke environments and are warranted for 12 months. In most cases they offer twice the power, half the current draw and half the weight of the original unit. Unless specifically intended for just one application all WOSP starters can be rotated 360° on their own axis giving the unit an infinite number of mounting positions to clear any obstructions. Ideal for specialist conversion and motorsport builds.

  • Huge Range of Applications Including Race Cars
  • All Units are Built using 100% Brand New Internals
  • High Torque Lightweight Gear Reduction Starter Motors
  • Professional Hand Assembly to the Highest Standards

WOSP LMS632 Applications:

  • Ford Kent / Crossflow / X-Flow / Pre-Crossflow / BDA / BDG / Twin Cam (135 tooth ring gear) 2 bolt fixing
  • Ford Kent / Crossflow / X-Flow / Pre-Crossflow / BDA / BDG / Twin Cam (135 tooth ring gear) 3 bolt fixing

This WOSP unit is based on a 1.4kW Hitachi PMGR starter motor which has been modified to suit this particular application, ideal for performance, race and rally car use. Hitachi PMGR type 'slimline' starter motors are the smallest option for these engines, suitable for negative earth vehicles.

 "WARNING: This product contains a chemical known to the State of California to cause cancer and/or birth defects or other reproductive harm.