Premier Fuel Rigs & Ancillaries

Premier Fuel Rig and Ancillary products range, all the right parts required to setup a professional refuelling rig for your race team. More than enough fuel for most vehicles this 200 litre capacity rig setup is constructed with components all detailed and available to order from this category.

Raceparts USA are official US importers and distributors of Premier Fuel Systems fuel rigs and associated components, please call us on: +1 770-889-0499 or send us a MESSAGE to discuss your requirements.

These Premier Fuel Systems refuelling rigs can hold 200 litres of fuel for the safe refuelling of motorsport vehicles. The rig is designed to safely store the fuel ready for high speed refuelling when a car comes into the designated area. The system is safely connected, directly to your suitably equipped race car, with a filler hose with nozzle valve assembly, with gravity being utilized to dump the fuel into the cars gas tank at high speed, ensuring you can make a swift exit back out onto the track.

At Raceparts USA we sell all the corresponding components required to properly equip your car, enabling it's compatibility with the fuel filler hose and valves fitted to the rig, so it can receive the fuel these rigs can deliver. This system is FIA Approved and mandatory in some race series, contact your race organizers to see what you require.