Premier - Fuel Caps & Valves

Premier Fuel systems fuel caps and fuel valves, the parts that are fitted to your automobile, converting it to accept Premier fuel bottles or fuel rig refuelling systems. These setups enable race authority approved high speed refuelling capability, but more importantly they ensure safer refuelling in the pitlane or at the circuit. Raceparts USA are an official US importer and distributor of Premier fuel caps and funnels, please call us on: +1 770-889-0499 or send us a message to discuss your requirements.

Premier manufacture a superb range of fuel filler caps and valves, the part that is fitted to your cars wing, fender, trunk etc. These are the bit that accepts a refuelling bottle for high speed filling at the racetrack or a perhaps gas station nozzle for those using the more recognizable, everyday road compatible fuel cap products.

All products from Premier are designed for strength, safety and long term reliability. When you're dealing with fuel, products have to be designed and built meticulously, they have to fail safe, but ideally they never fail at all. High octane fuels are very unforgiving and any escapes of fuel or vapour usually always end badly!

Premier pride themselves on producing products that dramatically reduce the risk of storing and transfering fuel from one safe place to another. These attributes are why their fuel filer caps and refuelling valves are hugely popular with professional car builders from race and rally teams around the world.