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Racetech Mil Spec Saddle Washers

Racetech Mil Spec Saddle Washers
Price:  $3.10(Exc. 7% Sales Tax - GA only)

Part Number:  RTUJSW10
Material Finish:  Zinc Passivate


Racetech Saddle Washers for use with the Racetech Mil Spec / Apex type universal joints. Standard flat washers do not present a proper bearing surface when used to bolt tubular universal joints. This can result in damage to the washer or to the tube section of the joint, which will eventually cause the bolt to loosen or play within the fixture and slackness within the linkage. These Racetech plated steel saddle washers are profiled to be a precise fit onto the outside diameter of the yube section, ensuring equal clamping pressure without deformation. Price stated is per washer, sold in pairs only.

Priced Each

  • Perfect Fit on the Mil Spec Universal Joints
  • Ensures Even Clamping Force on the Tubular Section
  • Removes Ovality, Slackness and Linkage Loosening
    RTUJSW10 1/2" TO SUIT RTUJB10 NAS1303-11
    RTUJSW12 5/8" TO SUIT RTUJB12 NAS1303-13
    RTUJSW14 3/4" TO SUIT RTUJB14 NAS1303-17