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Tilton 7.25" OT-II Metallic Racing Clutch Covers

Tilton 7.25'' OT-II  Metallic Racing Clutch Covers
Plate Count: Single DiscPlate Count: Twin DiscPlate Count: Triple Disc
Price:  $474.75(Exc. 8% Sales Tax - GA only)

Part Number:  66-001HW


Installation Instructions (PDF)
Installation Drawing (PDF)

Tiltonís 7.25″ OT-II metallic racing clutches, designed primarily for road racing, circle track, open wheel and formula applications, Tiltonís 7.25″ OT-II metallic racing clutches offer the low moment-of-inertia, high torque capacity and reliability necessary for the most demanding racing applications. These features have made metallic clutches the most common clutch type used in road racing and circle track racing. Metallic clutches are not recommended for street use. These features make Tiltonís 7.25″ OT-II metallic racing clutches popular in the applications below:

  • Road Racing
  • Circle Track
  • Open Wheel
  • Track Racing
  • Street Circuit
  • Open, one-piece clutch cover design. Provides lower operating temperature, higher strength and minimized deflection for quick shifting
  • Various diaphragm spring rate options, roviding a wide range of torque capacities and release loads to tune the clutch for the application
  • Chrome vanadium diaphragm springs and an engineered pressure plate geometry. Provides a high clamp load-to-wear ratio, low release load and quick shifting
  • High-strength steel pressure and floater plates. 0.104″ thick friction discs. Provides excellent wear resistance and withstands elevated temperatures
  • Hardened steel thrust buttons provide a smooth and durable surface for pressure and floater plates
  • Dynamic spin balanced and individually inspected for proper assembly and balance, initialed by the QC personnel
  • Tilton uses a color system for indicating the angle and weight of the clutch spring, which has an effect on release load and torque capacity for the clutch. The exact values for each color vary depending on the type of clutch, so be sure to check the charts below to find exact measurements.

    1 Plate Clutch Specifications:
    Weight**:  5.1 lbs / 2.3 kg
    M.O.I.**:  44.1 lb-in2 / .0130 kg-m2

    WHITE 200/272 400/180 HIGH
    WHITE 240/326 400/180 ULTRA-HIGH
    BUFF 240/326 480/211 HIGH
    BUFF 285/388 480/211 ULTRA-HIGH
    ORANGE 280/381 560/247 HIGH
    ORANGE 335/456 560/427 ULTRA-HIGH
    GRAY 340/462 680/299 HIGH
    GRAY 410/558 680/299 ULTRA-HIGH
    DOUBLE GRAY 380/517 760/334 HIGH
    DOUBLE GRAY 455/619 760/334 ULTRA-HIGH
    TRIPLE GRAY 415/564 800/352 HIGH

    2 Plate Clutch Specifications:

    Weight**:  7.5 lbs / 3.4 kg
    M.O.I.**:  66.3 lb-in2 / .0195 kg-m2

    WHITE 400/544 400/180 HIGH
    WHITE 480/652 400/180 ULTRA-HIGH
    BUFF 480/562 480/211 HIGH
    BUFF 570/775 480/211 ULTRA-HIGH
    ORANGE 560/762 560/247 HIGH
    ORANGE 670/911 560/427 ULTRA-HIGH
    GRAY 680/925 680/299 HIGH
    GRAY 820/1115 680/299 ULTRA-HIGH
    DOUBLE GRAY 760/1034 760/334 HIGH
    DOUBLE GRAY 910/1238 760/334 ULTRA-HIGH
    TRIPLE GRAY 830/1129 800/352 HIGH















    3 Plate Clutch Specifications:

    Weight**:  9.9 lbs / 5.4 kg
    M.O.I.**:  87.6 lb-in2 / .0258 kg-m2

    WHITE 400/544 400/180 HIGH
    WHITE 480/652 400/180 ULTRA-HIGH
    BUFF 720/979 480/211 HIGH
    BUFF 855/1163 480/211 ULTRA-HIGH
    ORANGE 840/1142 560/247 HIGH
    ORANGE 1005/1367 560/427 ULTRA-HIGH
    GRAY 1020/1387 680/299 HIGH
    GRAY 1230/1673 680/299 ULTRA-HIGH
    DOUBLE GRAY 1140/1550 760/334 HIGH
    DOUBLE GRAY 1365/1856 760/334 ULTRA-HIGH
    TRIPLE GRAY 1245/1693 800/352 HIGH















    * Values listed are typical for release bearings with the recommended 44mm contact diameter. Larger contact diameters will increase release load.

    ** Weight and M.O.I. include pressure plate, carbon floater plates, carbon discs and steel hub, and may vary based on your particular spline.


    Tilton offer two different styles of every clutch configuration: one designed to be compatible with a step-type flywheel and another for pot-type (“no-step”) flywheels. Step flywheels have a .100″ step for contact with the friction material of the clutch, so clutches made for this application will have a .100″ height difference between the bottom friction disc and the end of the clutch cover legs (the mounting points). Pot flywheels don’t have this step, so the friction disc and clutch cover legs will be flush on clutches designed for them.

    Tilton’s metallic clutches are available with either a High Ratio or Ultra-High Ratio pressure plate. High Ratio pressure plates offer high clamp load over a wide wear range, while Ultra-High Ratio pressure plates provide 20% more clamp load and diaphragm spring travel (modulation). As seen on the graph below, the clamp load (or torque capacity) of the High Ratio pressure plate is relatively flat until .030″ (0.76mm) of wear; Ultra-High Ratio pressure plates offer a higher initial clamp load at a faster wear rate.

    • Standard pressure plate ratio for Tilton metallic clutches
    • Short release travel for quick engagement and faster shifting
    • Flat clamp load curve for longest wear range

    • 20% more release travel than High Ratio for improved modulation
    • 20% more clamp load than High Ratio for higher peak torque capacity
    • Clamp load drops more quickly with wear than High Ratio
     "WARNING: This product contains a chemical known to the State of California to cause cancer and/or birth defects or other reproductive harm.