Tilton Clutch Flow Control Valve

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Tiltonís flow control valve may look like a fairly insignificant part, but itís actually one of the smartest purchases any racer can make. By allowing the clutch to slip slightly during quick engagements, the flow control valve reduces shock loads to the driveline, lowering the chance of losing traction when downshifting and or the chance of damaging driveline components.

All of this adds up to fewer break-downs and less money spent on replacement parts, making the flow control valve a great investment regardless of the type or level of racing you do. Shock load is a result of an abrupt clutch engagement when the crankshaft and input shaft speeds are not precisely matched.

The flow control valve is designed to reduce the chance of losing traction when downshifting and/or the chance of damaging driveline components. Fluid flow is not restricted during clutch disengagement. Therefore, shift times are still quick and pedal feel is not altered.

The flow control valve will have an effect on quick clutch activations only. It will not alter or interfere with fine clutch modulation. These valves include three orifice sizes (0.021", 0.028" and 0.040"), that enable clutch disengagement to be tuned.

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  • Enables automatic clutch slip when quickshifting
  • These valves reduce shock loads to the driveline
  • Three orifice sizes 0.021", 0.028" and 0.040"
  • Standard imperial AN-3 male inlet / outlets
  • These flow control valves feature AN-3 fittings for use with most Tilton master cylinders and -3 hydraulic lines, they come supplied with fitting instructions.

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