Jaguar - WOSP High Torque Starter Motors

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3.8 Engine/Ring gear (4.2 bellhousing)1.4kWDENSOLMS581
4.2 Engine/Ring gear (3.8 bellhousing)1.4kWDENSOLMS580
D Type (AC gearbox mounted) ‘lightweight’2.0kWAxial PMGRLMS030-AX
D Type (AC gearbox mounted)1.4kW ‘L/N’DENSOLMS030
E-Type 4.21.4kWDENSOLMS003
E Type S1 3.8/Mk2 saloon 2.4/3.4/240/340/S Type1.4kWDENSOLMS004
Mk5 and Mk7 3.41.4kWDENSOLMS107
Mk2 3.4/XK150, Mk7, Mk8, 3.8 (Automatic DG gearbox)1.4kW ‘L/N’DENSOLMS089
V12 (up to engine # 7S7000) 1.4kWDENSOLMS145
V12 (engine # 7S7000 onwards) (previously LMS017)1.4kWDENSOLMS017-11
XJ6 2.8 ‘69 - ‘841.4kWDENSOLMS004
XJ6 4.21.4kWDENSOLMS003
XK (replacing 10 tooth 29mm inertia type)1.4kWDENSOLMS015-10
XK (replacing 10 tooth 40mm inertia type) 1.4kWDENSOLMS151
XK (replacing 9 tooth 29mm inertia type) 1.4kWDENSOLMS015-9