Red Line 75W90NS GL-5 Synthetic Gear Oil

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Red Line Oils

Red Line 75W90NS GL-5 synthetic gear oil, recommended for use in manual transmissions, transaxles and differentials. Designed to provide excellent gear protection at higher temperatures and has shown temperature reductions of 10-70°F, making it especially suited to those used in motorsport events.

This oil doesn't have the friction modifiers that quieten mechanical plate type differentials, so it's not suited for use in road vehicles or those without a limited slip differential. Offers excellent gear and synchro protection with balanced slipperiness for easier shifting in cold climates.

Supplied in 1 quart (0.946ml) bottles

Red Line limited slip friction additives available separately to fine tune of you diff's lock up point. Popular in Ferrari, Porsche and Subaru transaxles, as well as in muscle car applications, like Ford Top Loader, Muncie transmissions, Borg-Warner T-10 and Super T-10. Red Line 75W90NS exceeds the requirements of API GL-5 gear oil.


  • Reduces friction and runs cooler
  • Provides maximum locking for race LSD's
  • Tuneable with Red Line friction modifier
  • For transaxles needing hypoid protection
  • Smoother transaxle gear shifting
  • P65 Warning
     "WARNING: This product contains a chemical known to the State of California to cause cancer and/or birth defects or other reproductive harm.