Red Line Limted Slip Diff Friction Modifier

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Red Line Oils

Red Line limited slip differential friction modifier and break in additive. This fluid contains the extreme pressure additives necessary for ultimate protection for road cars and racing vehicles, as well as friction modifiers (except NS) for proper limited-slip operation.

Used in combination with NS gear oils, to alter the friction properties and reduce diff plate chatter or noise. It's compatible with both petroleum and synthetic gear oils and should be added 1oz at a time, to clutch-type limited slip or posi-traction units to eliminate chatter.

It can also be used in slightly larger percentages when used to help break in a new differential, for more information, click on the 'OEM Compatibility' tab above.

118ml bottle (4fl.oz)

  • Reduces LSD break-in temperatures as much as 50F
  • Increases slipperiness to eliminate LSD plate chatter
  • Add 1oz at a time to clutch type limited Slip diffs
  • OEM Compatibility

    Limited-slip or Positraction units use plates or clutches to provide the proper amount of lock-up to the differential. Slippery lubricants are required to prevent chatter, but too much slipperiness causes excess wheel spin, reducing traction. For perfect traction, use Red Line 75W90NS and add the Red Line Limited-Slip Differential Friction-Modifier / Break-In Additive until the chatter disappears.

    Satisfies performance requirements of GM 1052358, Ford M2C118-A, 19B546-MA, Chrysler 4318060 and most imports.

    Recommended Dosage:

    Use 4% for prevention of limited slip chatter in broken-in units (typical one 4 oz. bottle) or 4 to 8% for the break-in of new differentials.

    Red Line Limited-Slip Differential Friction-Modifier / Break-In Additive will significantly reduce the friction during break-in of differentials. High temperatures encountered in break-in can destroy the hardening of the gear teeth causing rapid wear of the softened gears. This additive can reduce the break-in temperatures by as much as 50F, improving break-in conditions. Compatible with petroleum or synthetic gear oils. Red Line Gear Oils already contain this additive (except the NS).

    In non-limited-slip racing differentials and quick-change units using the Red Line ShockProof Gear Oils an additional 3 to 6% Red Line Limited-Slip Differential Friction-Modifier / Break-In Additive is recommended.

    P65 Warning
     "WARNING: This product contains a chemical known to the State of California to cause cancer and/or birth defects or other reproductive harm.