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Staubli SPT12 JKV Aluminum Plugs

Staubli SPT12 JKV Aluminum Plugs
Price:  $181.72(Exc. 7% Sales Tax - GA only)

Part Number:  SPT12.7657LJKV
Lining:  Perfluoroelastomer


Staubli SPT08 JKV Aluminium Plugs with a 12mm flow diameter (5mm and 8mm also available). SPT couplings for inboard fuel lines meet the tough requirements of motorsports by combining high flow performance with reliable non-spill safety. Staubli SPT12 plugs are very compact and lightweight, and designed to easily fit into all types of vehicles. Applications: Connection to fuel lines (with breakaway option), FIA-approved sampling, refueling of rally raid vehicles (rally raid version).

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Technical Specifications:
  • Bore Diameter: 12mm
  • Maximum Working Pressure: 40 bar
  • Operating Temperatures: -10 to +200C

  • Fluids:
  • Fuel, Oil

  • Construction:
  • Manufactured in high-resistance anodized aluminum
  • Profluroelastomer in the Flow Lining